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MonChris was born out of a desire to get closer and help those who have settled in Ireland, temporarily or permanently, to find the right job and to represent them according to the experience, qualifications and English level. Our slogan is” We all started at a certain stage of life without experience and for this reason we are here to help out so "YOU ARE NOT ALONE". Coming to Ireland 16 years ago, our adventure begun with jobs in cleaning, restaurants, construction or hotel industry.

It was not easy but with ambition and perseverance, we managed to reach a professional and managerial level in areas such as hospitality, construction, recruitment and financial sector. That's why we have a full understanding of each individual, from compassion, listening and patience to support, motivate and prepare those who want to find a job or change their field of activity.

We offer services to individuals with any level of English, spoken or written and to those who want to change their work and need solutions and ideas. From identifying your skills, preparing your CV and cover letter to up-to-date solutions matching the labor market.

Due to the trust and professionalism shown over the years, we have succeeded and we are proud to have a close collaboration with few companies in Ireland


CV Writing

CV writing and preparation from newcomers to the island to  those who want to change their field, profession or to embrace a new career

Cover Letter Writing

Cover Letter writing and preparation.

Interview coaching

Interview coaching from skills and personal development techniques to individual motivational implementation.

Advising and consultation

Advising and consultation in relation with Irish jobs market requirements, and up-to-date jobs available in different sectors.


Detailed information on jobs who required specific training.

Important Information

Information in relation with public institutions, tax office, banks or real estate market.

SPECIAL SERVICES for Romanian/Moldavian 

Writing and preparation of letters, (landlord, GP, Insurance companies,…etc.) or any kind of documents which do not require legalisations or apostille


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